If you don’t feel like you’re gaining anything from reading my website, please stop reading it. I urge you to do something else with your time. Chase your happiness and passion.

We tend to look at the large chunks of time and money that we spend and are consciously aware of it. We have to go to work,  that’s eight hours, we have to pick up and drop off the kids from school and activities, that’s two more hours. That time is gone from your day to day life and you are very conscientious about it. We have to pay our mortgage, car payment, and medical bills. Those costs in time and money stare us in the face every day.

What we tend to overlook are the transition times and transition spending. If a dam were to break, the results would be catastrophic; these are our large unforeseen expenses. The bill comes in and you cringe. But we never take the time to realize that we spend just as much money on what I like to call transitional happiness. You really want to take a vacation to some far off destination, or put in a new patio for entertaining your friends, but you never seem to have the money.

However, if we went back and audited our spending, we would be surprise to see that we spend the cost of that vacation in micro transactions. Death by a thousand cuts. We have Amazon Prime accounts, Hulu accounts, NetFlix accounts, we buy a new pair of shoes every couple weeks, we go out to dinner with friends 2-3 times a week. Nothing is a large one time expense like the $1500 trip you want to take but, every month or two we are spending the cost of the trip on items that temporarily appease us. We slowly satiate ourselves into the tomorrow mentality;

“I will just buy this one thing today and tomorrow I will start saving.”

“It is winter now and the patio cannot be put in, so I will buy this TV for the Superbowl and in the spring time, I will save for the patio.”

These are just examples. In your case, the patio and vacation can be what ever your dream is.

The same concept goes to time. You know where the big chunks are going and they weigh on you like a tons of bricks. You dream of the time you can retire and how glorious it will be. You will have all the time in the world to purse your health, happiness, and you might even take up a few new hobbies. What you don’t notice is, YOU HAVE THE TIME RIGHT NOW! You are just burning it up in transitions and with the excuse, “If I find the time”.

First, let’s address having the time. You will never find the time. You have to schedule the things that are important to you and set the standard that you will not miss that appointment. If it is a priority, you will get it done. I like to ask people “How many times have you left your house without your pants on in the last year?” They look at me like I am crazy. You put pants on because it is a standard that you have set on which you will not budge. If you are going to be two minutes late for something, you could easily save those two minutes by not getting dressed after you get out of the shower. Just get dressed later when you find the time. But that will never happen. Because wearing pants is a priority.

Next, I would like to bring transition time wasters to your attention. I want you to write down every minute that you spend awake and how you spend them. If you are anything like me, I am productive somewhere around 11-12 hours a day. I sleep about 7-8 hours a day. That is twenty hours. Where is the other four hours a day going? I am glad you asked. If you are average, you watch five hours of television per day. The average person looks at social media websites an average of an hour and forty minutes a day. Next, the average person sends around sixty texts per day. Teenagers send more, people over 55 send less. You have to check your email account right? Checking and rechecking. Send out a message, receive a response, send another out, it turns into more text messages, just in a different account…

I try to be very observant of how I spend my time and I waste a ton out of habit. I get done with a task, and I pull out my smartphone. I check and respond to 5-8 text messages. They take a minute each. If I get a response right then, I respond again. I check my Instagram and respond to some notifications that I need to and then browse though the people I’m following. Then repeat on Facebook. Then email. Maybe a few more texts came in. I did this exact thing this morning, even though I’m well aware of the time drain. I just had a conversation over coffee about it a few hours before that. I was working on this article in my head. I knew it was coming and I fell right into the trap! Twenty two minutes had passed before I was ready to start my training for the day. When I was done training, I had to fight every urge in my body to do the same thing again. How many times a day are we trickling out 15-20 minutes? Do it once and you’ve spent enough time to read a chapter in a book. Twice? That’s enough time to run a 5k at a comfortable pace. When I audited my own time, I was doing this ten times a day or more. Even if it’s only five minutes at a time, I have spent a whole hour of my life just passing time in a single day.

So now, this is where I urge you to stop reading my website and following me on social media. If you’re getting a positive effect out of my content, I would love it if you continue to read, follow, email me to invite me to have a cup of coffee and so on. On the other hand, if you can honestly look at what I am providing and you get mad or you’re only consuming it to occupy your time, occupy it doing something else. GO ON GIT!

You and only you can end the slow trickle of your dreams escaping you and the tomorrow mentality. Chase your dreams.

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