It will all end at some point. Whether that be on a nice sunny day with a tail wind and everything going right, or on a stormy depressed day with a head wind beating you physically and mentally. It will all end. So when shit is going good, I like to remember to soak in the love and share it. When things are going bad, I try to remember that it can’t last forever. No storm has ever raged forever. No mountain I have climbed on foot or bike has went forever upward. Eventually, it heads back down again.

During the climbs or tough times, I go into my suffering hole and relax with my good old friend Self-Doubt. I’ve come to terms with this old companion of mine. He lies to me. He makes me feel bad. He makes it so I never want to go on living or leaving my couch. The thing is, I now know deep down inside of myself, that he’s lying. Suffering will go away and I will bounce back. So that lying son of a bitch, Self-Doubt, can hang out as long as he wants. Hell, I’ll pour him a drink and make him comfortable too. I know that I will outlast him. I am fucking relentless. I will never surrender. Sure, there are moments where I find myself shocked by Self-Doubt’s presence, but then I shake it off, relax and wait for the next sweet ass deal that life has in store for me.

I’ve been in some really dark places in my life, but do you want to know something neat? None of them lasted. One of these spots even lasted years, but you know what? It’s over. I’m not worried about being sad again. Bring that shit on. I will never set a goal of being happy all of the time. I will instead work on trying to keep the valleys as shallow as possible and get through them as quick as possible. At some point in your life, you are going to feel like a piece of shit. You’ll feel like everything you’ve done has been the wrong choice. Just remember that if you relax and keep moving without dwelling, it will pass. Unless you are a shitty person to everyone and in everything you do. If that’s the case, then get down to sorting that out first. That’s what I had to do.  Am I perfect? No.

But I am relentless,  even when I’m hanging with Self-Doubt