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I am mentally lazy

I am a lazy piece of shit sometimes. If I look back at my failures I can assign one cause to almost all of them, and that’s my mental laziness.

I let the “I don’t want to” overcome my drive for success. I don’t want to be cold, I don’t want to wake up, I don’t want to take the pain anymore, I don’t want to look bad, I don’t want to what ever the fuck my excuse is. There have been a few times in my life when that voice has screamed in my head with everything it has got and I have overcome it. But not today my friend.

I know that it can be done. What I want is to make that repeatable at my will. Suffering and the voice urging me to quit are old friends of mine. I know that they’re lying to me to get me to take the comfortable route. I never want to be comfortable with where I am at, and I never want to be comfortable being average. I want my own personal greatness.

Just a few weeks ago, I had a 150 mile training ride to do. It was pouring rain and cold when I started. It continued on for six hours. More than a couple times, I started to talk myself out of staying the course and following my route. No one would know. I’ve been training hard and could use a recovery day… Blah blah bullshit, blah. I will also admit there were a couple times I stoppped. I stopped to be comfortable. Then I would remember, it can’t rain all of the time, all of this will end at some point, and if I want to be something great, I have to endure what brings me discomfort. If I want to be able to be proud of who and what I am, I have to embrace what makes me uncomfortable.

I have the American Trail Race coming up very soon. I’ve been training to make a race plan and have been making deals with myself. That is bullshit. I am going out there to learn about myself and see what I can do mentally and physically. I will sleep when I have to, not when I plan to. It will hurt. I will be sore and uncomfortable. That is fine. I just need to keep my damn head in the game. I want to dig a deep dark hole and be okay sitting in it until that storm passes.

As of right now, I can tell you that I am not where I want to be. I am not even close. If I ever get to where I want to be, it’s because I’m being lazy and settling for good enough. There is always more I can do, and I can always do better. I don’t want greatness, I want my own greatness. Mental laziness will only get in the way of that.

You want to know the good part of all this? Like I said, I can always do better. So can you.


Don’t Gamble That You Will Get Another Chance

Why wait for some other time to come when you will be able to follow your dreams?

If you woke up this morning, you should be chasing your dreams or setting yourself up to chase them. It pains me to see people get in the everyday groove of a “Dream Life.” Finish high school, go to college, get an office job, buy a new house, buy a new car, start a family, cash in your vacation time to pay off some of your credit card debt because you just needed a bigger television with the latest technology (“but it was on sale though”), pay only the interest on your student loans, complain you need a raise, day dream about when you retire and how great it’s going to be.

What about right now? Why not live your dreams now? Rent a small cheap apartment, drive a used car, take a three day vacation every quarter. Travel to a destination every month and explore.  Have one grand trip every year. You can do all of these things with kids. I know people who do.
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Do Not Accept Being OK

You have the choice to wake up every morning and choose whether you are going to be an unstoppable monster or you are just going to be OK.

If you tell yourself that you are an unstoppable goal crushing monster, even if you are not 100% there yet, you will work yourself in that direction. If you have settled for OK, any result that you have, positive or negative, will be fine because you have settled.
If you had a friend that followed you around all day and said negative things to you, you wouldn’t stay friends very long. I want to ask you why you would do that to yourself? Do not ever take away your own self worth. EVER.

Wake up, put your feet on the floor, remind yourself how god damn amazing you are, and get to crushing whatever your goals are.

You have a very limited amount of time to be alive. Make every day worth it. You are one of a kind, but you are not better or greater than anyone else. If you want something bad enough, the world doesn’t owe it to you, you owe it to yourself to get it. Work on your skills. Learn, put the time in. I will always be there to help you.



Can or Can’t, you are right. Being Positive. Thought of the Day

I was just out riding my bike and trying to make a Live Facebook Video and my phone died. It happens. I didn’t charge it last night. The important part is the thoughts that were rambling in my nugget. So here it goes.

On a large enough scale the universe as a whole is a net neutral place. You might ride 20 miles up hill. Then you are going to be able to descend the same amount back down. You might ride into a headwind but, at some point you will get a killer tail wind. Every person in the world has the same opportunities to choose to see the good or the bad. I do understand that some people are born into absolutely horrendous circumstances while others win the genetic lottery, have wealthy families and above average intelligence. But none of that really makes a difference on how you choose to see you situation; you can dwell on the good or the bad.

The good news is that it is really up to you on what you see. If you want to see all of the bad, you will seek it out. If you want to see the good you will seek it out. This is called confirmation bias. Have you meet that person that swears that they look at the clock everyday at the same time? They don’t. They look at the clock hundreds of times a day. Whenever it isn’t their lucky time and they look, their brain makes a snap categorization of the time and then chooses to let it go as a non-confirmation. They might even miss the magic time in the day. Their brain ignores that. Might be a few days before they see it again. When they do!!! AHHHHHHAAAAA!

A person’s brain cannot process all of the information that is being sent into it. It is impossible. You would have a melt down instantly. So your brain has to find patterns to sort the input and process it or not as fast as possible. Think about what the bottom of your feet feel like right now. I bet 30 seconds ago you didn’t even take that into consideration. It wasn’t important to your decision making process. What type of car do you drive? I bet you see people driving that car all of the time. Why? Confirmation bias. You brain see and ignores thousands of cars a day. It is a non-event. Then you see the car you drive, which you associate with “car” and bang, you see them every where.

What does this have to do with everything or anything? You have the choice to see the good or the bad. If you are consistently looking for good things to happen to you, you will find them. You have that lucky friend that wins everything. They don’t really. They just ignore all of the losses it took to get the win.

Here is what I do. If it helps you, sweet. If it doesn’t, make this article an non-event. Take the time each day to appreciate the things that have gone right. The things that you find happiness in. The things that don’t make you happy, agree that it is just something that has happened in between you happiness. You get a flat tire on your bike? Don’t worry about the flat tire, think about all of the awesome miles you have ridden between flats. Got two in a row? I bet it has been a really long time since that has happen. Tons of great miles in there. Have a bad day training? Let it go. Bad days have to happen as part of the process to make your self better. Is your goal to run a 5k? Don’t think about only being able to run 1 mile. Think about how much better that mile feels every time you run it. You haven’t even started yet? That’s perfect too. You have made the decision that you are going to work toward you goals. That is the hard part. Choosing to better yourself.

You get my point. If you want to see the good, you can find it. Anytime and anywhere. If it is just a really shit time for you, remember that is not normal for you. That is just something that happens every now and then.

Want to try an experiment? For the next 7 days, write down 15 positive things about your life. Start everyday with “I woke up and I get another day to be stellar.” Bam! You already have one done. Then as your day goes on, search out those positive events and list them. The bad ones just let them come in and go out as a non-event. A pass through to another positive. If you have more than 15, keep listing them. At the end of the day, read the list of that day and all of the days previous. I bet you will be amazed at how many great things happen to you.

I’m serious, try this out, and you will be pleasantly surprised. I want to know how it goes, so hit me up in the comments or send me a message and let me know.

Catch you cool cats later,


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Call Me Crazy: Thought of the day

The Tour Divide starts next week. Muhammad Ali died last week. Those are two separate things. They are connected though. Ali made some of the craziest public statements about his success and his greatness. He said that it keep him hungry for improvement so that he would not look like a fool publicly.  So here is my statement.

In 2017 I will race the Tour Divide and finish in 15 days. Fifteen. That is 180~ miles a day. That is 50 percent more per day than I rode last year. I will do it. I have been training my ass off. I have been studying gear, nutrition, cross training, riding hill sprints until I am sick of my bike.

One more statement- The Tour Divide will be the first race in my 10 thousand mile bike packing race project over the course of the following 12 months. I will do this. You have my word. When I am tired I will push harder. When I don’t have the motivation I will work harder to find it. This is what I am doing. This isn’t a dream. This isn’t words I am just typing and saying. This is a plan of action. I will die with my shield or on it. You have my word on that. You can call me crazy. People said the same thing last year when I trained for 14 week and left for 2800 miles of racing. I finished the race within the cut off. I am more driven now.

Stay focused on your goals my friends. You can do amazing things if you stay positive and get moving. I am not lucky or gifted. I am relentless.

Contact me if you want to sponsor me. I am going H>A>M!

One pill for complete fitness- Thought of the day

Last night I got a message that I won a free 6 week body transformation! If I lose 20 pounds I get a free trip to the Caribbean.
I laughed and discussed this with someone last night and they said they wished they could just take a pill and be in shape. That made me think. If I could take a pill and be at 100% of my capabilities I don’t know that I would. I enjoy the challenge. Learning. Refining the craft. I don’t know that there is an end point that I am shooting for with adventures. I just love the process. Hard work. Dedication. Challenges. Mental toughness. I could just buy a finisher medal for a race if that is what is really about. 
Right now, I feel like my training isn’t challenging. It isn’t a grind fest to get the work done. It has a purpose. I am getting stronger. I am getting faster. I know it is what I should be doing. Just have to keep rolling and checking off those small gains every day. Improving my average. The volume work will be back. It is all a well planned cycle.
What are your thoughts on just taking a pill for fitness?

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The fiery battle of race day- Thought of the day

There is just something about racing that sets the spirit on fire. You can train as hard as you want but, race day will always be an all out war. Adrenaline is flowing. You are sweaty before your warm up starts. Little bit of the bubble guts. The battle is about to begin.

When the gun goes off the focus of your world shifts in. From line to line there are no outside events happening. You are either the shark or the chum. The person in front of you is leaving a trail of blood in the water. You can smell the weakness. You will catch them. You will hunt them down.

Behind you is always a bigger badder shark. It can smell you getting tired. You are leaving little drops of blood in the water. Can you dig deep enough to keep out of their reach? Will you give into the weakness in the back of your head that says can’t? You will not. You are unwavering.  All of the hours of hard work. Last heavy sets in the gym. Last big hill sprint during training sessions.

Through all of the anguish of pushing you find your zen like spot. Your legs are numb from the pain. Your lungs are on fire. Still, you are focused on breath coming in and power going out. Relentless forward motion. Win or lose, no one will outwork you. If it comes down to a battle of guts, you are willing to die with your shield in hand or on it dead with grace.

This is what you trained for. Do not go out to just complete a race because you are fearful of blowing up. Give it everything you have got. Battle it out. Your mind will quit before your body does. Do not let it. You will not be outworked. Relentless forward motion.

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