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90% grind 10% adventure- Be humble

While people are still thinking about the American Trail Race I wanted to make a little post to make sure everyone knows the truth. My life isn’t one grand adventure. I raced for 37 days or 10% of the year. Though that is more time than most people will spend outdoors or adventuring in their adult life, it still really isn’t that much time considering the work that went into getting to the starting line. I had 18 months of training, saving, and getting everything sorted out. Seriously. I wish that I could say I buy what ever I want when I need it, I am pumped up to train everyday, and I know what I am doing. The truth is every month I have to look at my bank account to make sure that I have the money to pay the bills before I buy a set of tires. There are weekends I get up at 02:30 in the morning to get all of my training in before I work my second job all afternoon. There are times that I am exhausted and hate that shit. I just know that I have goals and the way you get to your goals is being relentless and grinding. Doing what you have to do to get to where you want to be. If it were simple and easy, everyone would be doing it and I would be doing something else. I don’t know the answer to everything. Most things as a matter of fact. I have just became good at making it work. Moving until I figure out a better answer, refining it as I go. Since I have been home, most of my time has been yard work, cleaning the house, responding to messages and emails, paying bills and general domestic duties. I show people the highlight reel of my adventures. You don’t see me in the middle of the woods screaming “FUCK” at the top of my lungs because I am exhausted and have been standing up pedaling for the last few hours because the trail is too rough to sit and if I sit I feel like I am going to break my ass right off my my legs. What I am trying to get at is, the race was good damn amazing. It was torment. It was a lifetime of good, bad, and in between. I worked my body and spirit into the ground and went to bed feeling broken down almost every night only to get up again 5 hours later to do it again. I like to remind people that they are just one giant average of all of there actions. If you looked at me as an average I would be a broke guy from the MidWest of the United States that trains hard, rides his bike, loves helping people. Nothing special. In the words of Kendrick Lamar “Bitch be humble, sit down.”

Note- I know this is full of spelling errors, grammar, and punctuation. Don’t care.

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