I really don’t know what has been going on lately. I haven’t been super pumped up to train. I haven’t missed a training session, my lifts are going well, my rides are going well…

I just haven’t been digging on it.

I’ve been daydreaming of getting other things done. I’ll be lifting weights and in between sets I start thinking about the books I’m reading. I’ll be out riding and thinking about people who I would like to have coffee with.

Complete side note- I think it would be awesome if I had the chance to meet everyone in the world for a one on one dinner and beers and hear their crazy stories.

It bothered me for a few days that I was lacking my focus. The more I think about it however, the less it bothers me. I know it’s just a phase.

I will keep plugging away at my training.

I will stay focused on the big picture of where I’m headed.

I know that, at some point, I will be back to waking up ready to fire off into space like a rage rocket of love.

Until then, I will relentlessly plug away.

Rage rocket of love

Blast off!

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