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You Are an Average of Your Action: Thought of the Day

You are the average of everything you have done thus far in your life. All of your actions, meals, learning, friends, everything; blended into one.

Improve your average.

Improve your average.

It surprises me when people think that one single thing, good or bad, is going to change them forever. One cookie is not going to make you unhealthy, just like one salad is not going to make you healthy. You are an average of the food you consume. One workout is not going to get you in better shape, just like missing one is not going to knock you out of shape.

If you want to improve at something, just get started. If you never eat healthy, make a decision that you’re going to eat a healthy breakfast everyday. A few months later when that has become normal and routine, change something else to improve your average. The same goes for training. If you are at zero,  one hour, two days a week is an improvement to your average.  When that becomes routine, add something else in to improve your average. Keep doing that.

Improve your average.

Then keep improving your average.

You want to adventure? Start today. Even if you don’t have the best gear. Get out there. You will figure out what you like and slowly get better gear as you go. This is a life long process. You are a life long experiment for pursuing happiness. Find that happiness. Enjoy the small successes. Better yourself everyday. One day you will look back and you will see the long road of improvements that you’ve made.

You didn’t get where you are in just a month, and you won’t get to where you want to be in a month. Just start. Improve your average. Adjust to improve your average. Adjust again to improve your average. You will have set backs but if on average you are making progress, keep on trucking.

I was overweight, had man boobs and smoked a pack of cigarettes a day when I decided I wanted to make a change. I didn’t get to where I am now the very next day, month, or even year. It has been almost eight years since I made that decision. I slowly improved my average. I got a bike and started pedaling. Nothing crazy, just commuting. Still smoking cigarettes but, slowing down. I started going to the gym every now and then. I started racing. I am a work in progress. I constantly look to improve myself. I am not shooting to hit perfection, I just want to keep moving forward. Where I am now is all because of the process of improving my average. Any improvement I make going forward will be because I’m striving to improve me average.

Relentless forward motion.

One last thing… Eat that damn cookie if it makes you happy. Just eat healthy on average. Drink the beer and have a good laugh with friends, just make sure it fits with your improvements. Love life. Catch you soon.

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  1. I’m learning a lot from you, and this is really sticking with me!

    • mike

      March 24, 2016 at 1:08 pm

      I am glad it is helping you. My goal is to change three people lives enough that they can help 3 people themselves. This is a whole other thought……

  2. Loved this post!! Reading the tour device and now thought of the day keeps me on track! Thank you!

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