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One pill for complete fitness- Thought of the day

Last night I got a message that I won a free 6 week body transformation! If I lose 20 pounds I get a free trip to the Caribbean.
I laughed and discussed this with someone last night and they said they wished they could just take a pill and be in shape. That made me think. If I could take a pill and be at 100% of my capabilities I don’t know that I would. I enjoy the challenge. Learning. Refining the craft. I don’t know that there is an end point that I am shooting for with adventures. I just love the process. Hard work. Dedication. Challenges. Mental toughness. I could just buy a finisher medal for a race if that is what is really about. 
Right now, I feel like my training isn’t challenging. It isn’t a grind fest to get the work done. It has a purpose. I am getting stronger. I am getting faster. I know it is what I should be doing. Just have to keep rolling and checking off those small gains every day. Improving my average. The volume work will be back. It is all a well planned cycle.
What are your thoughts on just taking a pill for fitness?

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  1. Hell no! I vote NO PILL!

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