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Relentless Forward Motion

The fiery battle of race day- Thought of the day

There is just something about racing that sets the spirit on fire. You can train as hard as you want but, race day will always be an all out war. Adrenaline is flowing. You are sweaty before your warm up starts. Little bit of the bubble guts. The battle is about to begin.

When the gun goes off the focus of your world shifts in. From line to line there are no outside events happening. You are either the shark or the chum. The person in front of you is leaving a trail of blood in the water. You can smell the weakness. You will catch them. You will hunt them down.

Behind you is always a bigger badder shark. It can smell you getting tired. You are leaving little drops of blood in the water. Can you dig deep enough to keep out of their reach? Will you give into the weakness in the back of your head that says can’t? You will not. You are unwavering. ¬†All of the hours of hard work. Last heavy sets in the gym. Last big hill sprint during training sessions.

Through all of the anguish of pushing you find your zen like spot. Your legs are numb from the pain. Your lungs are on fire. Still, you are focused on breath coming in and power going out. Relentless forward motion. Win or lose, no one will outwork you. If it comes down to a battle of guts, you are willing to die with your shield in hand or on it dead with grace.

This is what you trained for. Do not go out to just complete a race because you are fearful of blowing up. Give it everything you have got. Battle it out. Your mind will quit before your body does. Do not let it. You will not be outworked. Relentless forward motion.

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  1. I may not win, but I intend to lose like a champion; I’ll leave it all out on the course and earn every inch.

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