I’ve been waiting to write a review of these until I used and abused them more thoroughly, but after the amazing performance of them in a recent rainstorm I cannot wait to tell you how awesome my Montbell Versalite Rain Suit performed.

Montbell Versalite Rain Suit

I caught the very beginning of a huge rain storm the other day and tossed these on. I biked the rest of the way comfortably. I really liked the feel of the pants. They fit nicely in the crotch and it didn’t feel like I had restricted leg movement or a diaper on. When I got to my destination, the sky unleashed the fury.

I stayed perfectly dry. For the next few hours I was in and out of the building carrying heavy bags. By the time that I got home a few hours later, the sweat from riding there had even dried.

I am very happy with this rain suit. The pants and jacket have a combined weight of 11 ounces and pack smaller than a Nalgene 1 liter bottle. The cost for the quality is very reasonable as well; it was $85 dollars cheaper than the Marmot Super Mica jacket that I had as my last ultralight.

versatile rain suit

I will keep you updated on the durability and longevity, but so far so good. You can check them out here- Jacket and Pants

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