I have been giving myself a beating lately in the gym and on the bike. I don’t remember feeling stronger than I do right now Usually, whenever I look back, there is always a point where I can say that I have been in better shape, faster, stronger – you name it. Today, I am sore from going hard on power work yesterday. I lifted 4×5 on hang clean, push press and front squat. Then 3×5 on bench. I know I don’t need upper body to race bikes but, when I am not on the bike, I like to be able to put on a heavy pack and hike. Or, God forbid, there is an accident on an adventure and I need to carry someone. After bench, I had three max sets of pull ups. Last, I did a variety of box jumps and explosive power moves.  I like the soreness. Today I have speed work on the bike. I will push all out for 4 x .25 miles, 4x .5 miles, 4x .75 miles and 4×1 mile. I love it. Spin hard and fast. Try to push my limit on how hard my body will work for me. The 1 mile repeat will be a mental game of how long I am willing to suffer and keep the pace up. Most people will give up mentally before they do physically. I don’t want to be like most people. I want to be the best me possible.


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