Adventurer,  Athlete, Motivator,
and Purveyor of Random Jokes.

Mike Kinney mountain bike race
I’m here to inspire people to go after their dreams; I do it by training others, speaking to groups and organizations, and most importantly I do it by pedaling after my own dreams to show everyone that anything is possible.

In 2015 I tackled the Tour Divide. At 2,745 miles, this self-supported continuous race was the longest off-road cycling race at the time. I was on track to compete again in 2017, when the first ever American Trail Race was announced. This 5000 mile self-supported trail race took the Tour Divide’s crown as the longest in America, and instantly I knew I wanted to be one of the first cyclists to compete.

So, starting June 1st, 2017, I’ll be pedaling the American Trail Race from North Carolina to Oregon. And I’m in it to win it!

I’ll never settle for just okay. I’ll always overcome my obstacles. I refuse to be average. I’m living the dream, and you can too.

Let me show you how.